First Corrado Advertising Print

Volkswagen Corrado 16v

Limited Edition 1989 Advertising Poster reprint.

We present a rare opportunity to purchase a limited edition print of a 1989 VW Advertising poster for the new Corrado, featuring a red VW Corrado exiting stage right. Now printed on A3 Glossy Art Card, not paper and not A4. It would look stunning on the (garage) wall of any fan of VW's classic Coupe from the 90s.
The text reads something like the following, although due to the nature of the advert it's kind of hard to read...
"The new Volkswagen Corrado. A car, it seems, that's too good for words."
The A3 version of the print is printed on 200gm Glossy Art Card, and is limited to just 100 copies worldwide, each individually numbered. Other sizes are unlimited.

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